Klantech Launches ODIFA in Wagholi Pune

ODIFA is a one stop super app launched by Klantech Business Solutions Pvt Ltd from where you can get all your daily needs & essential from Grocery, Meat & Eggs, Milk & Dairy etc. delivered at your doorstep. Not Just that you can hire Handy man services such as Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Saloon at home etc. at your fingertips by using the ODIFA APP.

ODIFA plans to provide a platform to local vendors with a nominal subscription fee and helping vendors to grow their business by providing them with a cost-effective logistics system which in deed will help our local vendors to digitalize their business. With ODIFA customers can now order products and them delivered at a very minimal delivery cost.

ODIFA as a platform does not charge any commission towards their vendors which indeed will ensure that the customers get their products at a discounted rate as vendors now can sell their products online with their margins included without adding any additional commission to be paid

As a platform ODIFA has clear intentions to make sure that the delivery partners are well compensated as well. To achieve this ODIFA has a vision of not keeping any revenue generated from the delivery partners & sharing the entire revenue with the delivery partners.

To summarize ODIFA is a platform which will help to boost up our local vendor economy. You can download the ODIFA app which is now available at Google Play Store by clicking here