Data Science: The Smart Technology You Don't See

Data and analytics touch our lives every day. Sometimes, it is in ways you see, such as when you log on to a video call, pay for your bus ticket or order your latte using your phone. Or view spending trends on your bank account using an app or website. Data analytics are also at work in ways you don't see -- ways that make your life easier, safer, more convenient, and more fun -- especially when it comes to getting where you want to go. Indeed, data analytics are working tirelessly behind the scenes to help you reduce your travel time, make getting from point A to point B easier, manage traffic congestion, and create safer and more accessible ways to use public transit.

When you're waiting to catch the bus to work, your phone app may tell you whether your ride is on schedule -- and exactly how many minutes until the next buses arrive at your stop. Did you ever wonder how the apps know all this? When you visit a new city, do you use apps to figure out how to get from one landmark to the next -- or your lunch stop along the way? Data analytics and smart apps make all this possible. Similarly, when winter weather hits and roads need to be cleared, data and analytics can help cities send extra drivers to harder hit areas needing to be cleared using real-time data, so you know when your street will be plowed.

And it's not all about logistics. Smart technology helps improve many aspects of your daily life: your job, school, community center, parks, and all kinds of entertainment. Check out these examples of the hidden technology from EastBanc Technologies that facilitates daily tasks and activities -- making your life just a bit easier.