Technology with a Human Touch

Do you remember having your fingers slammed in the car door as a kid? Or maybe you were scolded by your parents for scratching the car next to you when the wind blew the door open. How about seeing someone balance on one leg trying to pry a heavy door open while holding four grocery bags? It's safe to say we've all experienced one of these real-life "door struggles." And for those in the northern states, add dealing with frozen-shut doors to the list!

While there are too many scenarios to chronicle the inconveniences of manual car doors, there is an unsung hero working behind the scenes with automakers to resolve these issues for good.Magna is one of the world's largest suppliers in the mobility space, and chances are, you probably have never heard of them, but likely experienced their technologies in one form or another. The power liftgate technology Chrysler debuted on the minivan 20 years ago, for instance.

Most people don't think about the auto supply chain, yet Magna designs and manufactures these systems, plus a lot more. And, as we look to the future, the company is sitting at the helm of mobility technology -- the intersection of Silicon Valley tech, automotive and smart manufacturing sectors.Referring back to the everyday "door struggles," the innovative supplier has a solution for those too -- with SmartAccessTM, an advanced powered door system.Compared to a traditional manual door, advanced powered doors are customizable and easier to use. Engineers at Magna explored door applications with their HaptronikTM technology -- which is a revolutionary motion control software that enhances user experience and ensures that the door will feel the same way all the time in any condition -- to expand the use cases of the manual door.