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A comprehensive LMS solution that helps you to create your online education platform.

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Klantech LMS

In today’s fast-paced work environment, organizations and companies need to keep their team up to speed with the latest trends and methods for each industry. How can you train your team effectively, and at a low cost? That’s possible with an LMS (Learning Management System).

Learning Management System helps monitor students' progress and performance in the course. It has an in-built feature that keeps track of their records, grades, submissions, and engagement with the course. Likewise, it collates important files and documents shared by the students on the platform. Most importantly, LMS can pinpoint areas in your lessons or course that need improvement. It can suggest activities and supplementary learning materials that you can add in your syllabus. It can assist identifying which of your students will need extra guidance to get through the course. With our fully automated LMS, you can easily create training courses for your staff, add exams to the course curriculum, set up a pass rate for the exams and issue certificates if the person passes the final exam and a lot more. You can also add pre-recorded videos of lectures or classes to your course, images and audio files.

Our Aim is to promote digitization in the education sector.

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Online Fees Collection

Collect fees online & offline, also easily set up fees structure such as fees type, fees group etc, add due dates, discounts & fines as well.

Internal Chat System

Eradicate the hassle of communication gap, Students & parents can now chat with school faculty with inbuilt chat system..

Live Classes & Meetings

Set up live classes and meetings without any hassle.Automatic notification sent to students & parents with live class schedule.

Online Examination

Schedule online/offline exams, assign exams to individual student or class & let our advanced algorithim correct the exams.

Homework & Assignments

Assign homework assignments to students, upload study material such as videos files etc. Students can also submit their assignments.

Smart Attendance

Mark student and staff attendance with few clicks,student attendance can be marked day wise or period wise as well.


Generate documents such as Marksheets, Leaving/Transfer Certificates, Bonafide Certificates, Student & Staff Id Cards etc.

Bulk SMS & Email

Send SMS & Emails to parents’ students & staff with school updates, birthday greetings. Send SMS & Emails to individuals, Class, Department etc.

Online Courses

Add unlimeted courses & course contents to enroll more students on additional courses to boost up the revenue growth.

Benifits Of Our Solution

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keep students engaged, with tools for communication such as our chat boxes, forums, posts, blogs, and even social media platforms integration.
Provide flexibility in terms of where, how, and when they can be accessed, students can learn anytime and anywhere they want.
OUR LMS provides tools and features to help simulate experiences and activities that usually happen within a traditional classroom.
Our LMS can pinpoint areas in your lessons or course that need improvement. It can suggest activities and supplementary learning materials that you can add in your syllabus.
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Extremely easy course building interface with advanced lesson & section manager.
One click quiz creator with unlimited questions and multiple possible answers.
Lessons & Chapters can be build up from youtube, vimeo, html5 video, text, pdf, doc image files.
Instructors can signup and sell courses. Their selling revenue commission will be paid by admin.
Students & Instructors can chat with each other and share files such as, documents, files, voice notes, audio etc.
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Student Information
Online Examinations
Course Report